Regarding Nature Trail's test


Thank you for taking the time to check in here.

We have created this page because of the YouTube channel Nature Trails' video where Andrea is discussing Bozita and two of our feeds: Bozita Original Wheat Free and Bozita Grain-Free Lamb single protein.

First of all, we would like to thank Andrea for choosing to talk about our feed. It is always valuable for us to listen to your thoughts, and we would like to have a dialogue about our products and why they are cooked the way they are.

The video has created a great engagement and many of you have questions. Of course, we would like to answer them. Our recipes are prepared by our experienced nutritionists, who are experts in your dog's nutritional needs. Answers below are written by them.

Do you have further questions? Please contact our customer service at [email protected]

Questions and answers

Bozita dog foods are created by educated animal nutritionists and they are formulated according to international nutritional recommendations. A balanced diet with highly digestible proteins, good fats, amino acids profile, vitamins and minerals formulated by natural and sound raw materials. In the Bozita range, you find both products with wheat, wheat-free and grain-free, higher and lower content of animal protein according to your preferences as a dog owner. We produce all our Bozita products ourselves in our own kitchen so we have always full control of every ingredient in our recipes. We only use parts from animals that are approved for human consumption and our kitchen in Vårgårda is food certified according to ISO 22000 since 2007.

QUESTION: Why corn in Bozita Original Wheat free?

ANSWER: Corn is the main carbohydrate source of Bozita Wheat free Original. Corn is also a source of good vegetable protein and fats. In the cooking process of the food, the corn is boiled and the starches become highly digestible and contribute with nutrition and energy to the food. A dog is not a carnivore in that sense that its body demands protein as an energy source, a dog utilizes both protein, carbohydrates and fat as equally good energy sources. The corn used is of course GMO-free.

QUESTION: Why lignocellulose in the product?

ANSWER: Lignocellulose in the products is a purified cellulose fibre. It is a natural fiber made from wood. The use of it is misunderstood. It is not a cheap filler, it is an ingredient developed for pet food to be added in small amounts to the food for improved gut function, good stool quality, and to optimize fiber composition. It is also in veterinary diet foods to reduces energy content. We add it as a super-premium, natural, high-value ingredient and one of the keys to a good performance of the food.

QUESTION: Why pig protein?

ANSWER: The pig protein used is a premium pork protein with an excellent amino acid profile and it is a highly digestible protein. It is an ingredient that is rich in animal protein, and also used in the recipe to keep the mineral/ash content within the nutritional recommendations. We see many products on the market with elevated mineral content due to high meat inclusions. If the mineral balance in the food is wrong, it can cause severe conditions for the dog.

QUESTION: Is the meat content too low?

ANSWER: Regarding the comments on "low meat content"; it is, in fact, the protein content of the food that is relevant to look at. When we evaluate a food's quality it is not enough to look on the amount of meat in the declaration, the quality comes from a balanced protein/carbohydrate/fat content, good protein quality, a good digestibility, correct amino acid profile etc. It is also important to see that the food you feed your dog is not too high in energy compared to its activity level. A too high meat level in the product can result in a food that is too rich in energy, which the dog owner not always is aware of. It also results in a high protein content which when protein is over-consumed may cause unnecessary stress on organs like kidneys and urinary tracts.

QUESTION: Why this way of declaring fresh meat?

ANSWER: We are declaring our animal ingredients, such as freshly prepared and dried as separate ingredients according to legislation and to be transparent. We would in this case not be allowed to only declare 31% since we use both dried and fresh material. Being able to mix dried animal protein meals with freshly prepared chicken and lamb, made by ingredients directly from the slaughterhouses, we see as the uniqueness of our products. Fresh ingredients also add to increase the palatability and digestibility of the products.